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"Let's Scare Julie" is now available on Shudder

Starting March 22, our movie "Let's Scare Julie" will be available in the US on the online platform Shudder.

The digital release of the horror took place on October 2. The film, produced by BLITZ FILM, Eril Cochran, Sergey and Nikolai Sarkisov, is available on Amazon, iTunes / Apple TV, Vudu, Google and other major Western online platforms.

Written and directed by Jud Cremata, the cast includes Troy Leigh-Anne Johnson, Isabel May, Odessa A'zion, Brooke Sorenson and Jessica Sarah Flaum.

"Let's Scare Julie" was filmed in one uninterrupted, continuous take, on a single camera. The story follows a group of teen girls setting out to scare their reclusive new neighbor, but the prank turns to terror when some of them don't come back.