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Sergey Sarkisov and Blitz Films got their second consecutive Emmy award

"Saluting Everyday Heroes," a joint documentary project of BLITZ FILM and American ATI, won the Daytime Emmy Awards.

The film won the prestigious award in the category "Outstanding Directing team for a single camera daytime non-fiction program".

The film tells the story of the men who have dedicated their lives to serving their communities in the era of the global pandemic coronavirus, as well as the stories of those who have faced Covid-19 and those who help people cope with the effects of the disease every day

The project was directed by David McKenzie. Executive producers are Sergei Sarkisov (Blitz Film) and David McKenzie (ATI), with Dan Goldman as screenwriter.

Last year's Emmy Award winner was another joint project of Blitz Film and ATI - the documentary "Hate Among Us".