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The results of the first "BLITZ FILM" short film competition

International production company "BLITZ FILMS" announced the results of the short film competition, which was held from March to December 2021. The winner is Anton Mamykin's "White Mark". The director received the grand prize of the competition in the amount of 500 thousand rubles. The jury consisted of the producers of "Blitz Films": Sergei and Nikolai Sarkisov, Mikhail Makharadze and Alexander Zhizhnevsky.

The film "White Mark" tells the story of an honest miner, who admits to his wife's adultery, and then stays perfectly clean, even after working in the mine. Because of this, his whole life goes downhill.

Mikhail Makharadze, General producer of "Blitz Films": "We are happy to realize that the voice of contemporary Russian cinema is being formed, developed and we will continue to search, support and motivate people to create and love cinema! The winning film - "White Mark" captures, surprises, makes you think and entertains, and does it all with great love and attention to the craft".

Director Anton Mamykin: "White Mark" was my graduation film at film school. It's my favorite and closest to my heart. The film became my calling card and brought many victories. But the victory in this contest was the most unexpected. In the New Year's tumult and flurry of gray news, the news of victory is a great bright joy! Once again, I would like to thank the jury and Blitz Film Company. And a big warm hello to the team with whom I made this film.

Nikolai Sarkisov, Head of American office of "Blitz Films": "As Lev Ozerov said: "Talents need help, mediocrities will make it on their own. In the art world, there is always the problem that creating and promoting oneself are two very different traits, but both are equally necessary. We at Blitz Film wanted to provide another opportunity for talents to make themselves known. All entries were reviewed and discussed by everyone in the company, including the general producer. Many authors have already been contacted. I hope it will be the beginning of a fruitful cooperation.

In addition, special diplomas were awarded to the films:
o "Phenz", director Pavel Palshin - for the original view
o "The Lottery", directed by Vadim Valliulin - best comedy
o "Someday We'll All Be Happy", directed by Ekaterina Sautina - for the bright voice
o "About God, Hell, Sun and Moon", dir. Alexey Bukharovsky - best animation film

Short fiction and animation films of all genres, lasting from 3 to 25 minutes, were accepted for the competition. In just six months there were received over 1200 applications for participation.

In the future, the contest will be held annually.